How likely are you to reach this goal you're chasing?

This 2 minute quiz will show you if your goal is targeted for success.


I've coached thousands, so I've seen plenty of goals reached and a stack of goals re-prioritised. Yup, that's a polite way of saying dumped!

It's actually a SUUUUUUUPER polite way of saying it, because this is deeply damaging. See, when a goal is dumped, it hits your confidence. Your brain is tagging you as someone who doesn't achieve.

You can be feeling the impacts for years to come!

Like an onion, you build up layers of evidence to support your belief that you're an imposter. You're not up to that next task or your dream job.

You want to be, like Roxy-Jacenko-level busy when it comes to protecting your confidence. All practical action coupled with big enthusiasm.

Setting the right goals is critical to achieving goals.

So how does this goal you're chasing measure up?

Is success likely for you, as things stand right now? Find out...

Take the quiz!

Not sure if you want the next job?

Oh I get it. You know you could do it, but not so sure you want the personality change / crazy hours / prepared to say goodbye to everyone you love, to take it on?

If you've ever stalled over a decision to stretch to the next promotion - or how to determine if it's really a great opportunity, or merely 'an opportunity' that's more like code for dead-end, career-derailing lost cause project... then you need this.

I created a Yes-If checklist. It's going to help you determine if the opportunity is right. Help you decide.

That there is going to make it so much easier to say 'no thanks' in a way that keeps your enthusiasm and reputation for commitment in-tact.